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The civil guard base in Caesarea was founded in 1996.

Over 150 Caearea residents volunteer at the civil guard, and this base is part of the Israel Police Hadera district's backup systems.

The sense of responsibility and volunteerism that typifies our community has led to the addition of additional volunteers (men, women and teens) who undergo training and certification: shooting range, lectures, etc.

The town has 12 permanent volunteers who are committed to volunteering 12 hours a month. These volunteers underwent special police training that authorizes them to drive in a police patrol, accompanied by an officer.

Civil guard volunteer activity focuses on the following areas:
1. Prevention of property crime (break-ins into homes and car thefts)
2. Preemptive patrols
3. Manning barriers
4. Stake-outs
5. Security backup at events
6. Hostile Terrorist Activity
7. Jeep Unit - patrol and on-call

Civil guard base activity has proven itself effective in the frustration and prevention of property crime. Since the civil guard started, the number of break-ins into homes and car thefts has significantly declined.

Please report any suspicious event immediately to the Israel Police, Tel.: 100 or the Customer Service Center - *6550 Extension 1.

In case of nighttime emergency, contact the patrol unit directly. In order to improve the night security system, and to provide an immediate, effective response 24/7 - in the event of an emergency at night, contact the security patrol unit directly at 057-7898932.

Caesarea's civil guard unit invites you, the residents, to join our ranks.
Please contact Moshe Rozentoler today: 054-2200538, 04-6263851.

For additional information, visit the Civil Guard / Israel Police website

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