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About the Corporation

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Caesarea is a magical place, a rare combination of sea, antiquity, exceptional quality of life in the Israeli experience.

Neither a city, nor a kibbutz; a moshav nor a village, Caesarea has no definition in Israeli residential lexicon.


What makes Caesarea unique is the fact that it is managed by a private company. This is the only town in Israel that is managed by a business, the Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Caesarea Development Corporation Ltd. The CDC develops, manages and markets Caesarea as a business in every respect.

The Corporation was established to fulfill the Baron's dream to develop Caesarea and turn over all profits from the development of the town to the Caesarea Foundation so that the latter can donate the funds to organizations and institutions involved in the promotion of culture and higher education in Israel.

This activity allows the renowned philanthropic family to continue to contribute to Israel, something that it is doing to this very day.

Fifty years ago - the Rothschild Family donated 35,000 dunam of land to the State of Israel, which later became partner in the Caesarea Foundation and to this day, the Family contributes to educational, cultural and welfare institutions across the country through the Foundation.

Chairman of the Rothschild-Caesarea foundation (and Chairman of the Caesarea Development Corporation) is Benjamin de Rothschild, great-grandson of the famous philanthropist. The Baron, who resides in Switzerland and owns banks in France and Switzerland, appointed Adv. David Efrati as his agent in Israel and as deputy Chairman of the Rothschild-Caesarea Foundation (and deputy Chairman of the Caesarea Development Corporation). Efrati entered the position in 2008, replacing Mr. Avraham Biger, who served in the capacity between 2000-2008.

The CDC's General Manager is Michael Karasenti.

In recent years, the Rothschild-Ceasarea Foundation has donated over NIS 100 million to organizations such as the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, the Bezalel Academy, The Open University, theaters, museums, musical ensembles across the country. Also benefiting from the donations are neighboring towns such as Or Akiva and Jiser a Zarka.

The Baron lives in Geneva and visits Israel (he has a home in Caesarea) every year. He is thoroughly knowledgeable of the operations of Caesarea Development Corporation and the Caesarea Foundation, is involved in donations and remains constantly updated through his representatives who sit on the Foundation's board of directors. The Board of Directors is composed of government representatives and representatives of the Rothschild Family. All Foundations decisions are reached by the Board of Directors, and it is to the Board of Directors that the Caesarea Development Corporation must answer.

The actual management of Caesarea, beginning with the development of new neighborhoods, to development tourist plans, garbage collection, sewage, landscaping and lighting - is carried out by the Caesarea Development Co., which is, as previously mentioned, a private company that manages the town, the industrial and business park and tourist facilities, as a private company in every respect and is not supported by government budgets of any kind (but the fruits of its operations, as aforementioned, is used by the Foundation to contribute respectable sums of money across the country).

Since the Caesarea Development Corporation is a private company and not a municipal authority, Caesarea residents pay service fees rather than property tax for services that the company provides. In exchange, residents benefit from a high quality of life and a clean, well-groomed, green and flourishing town.

The Company's management has a total of five members of the board of directors and a GM.
In management, the following three divisions and three departments are represented:
1. Venture and development division - the division handles business and performance planning ventures of Foundation property, marketing and population of revenue-generating real estate and properties.
2. The Services and Assets Division - responsible for the town's and business park's municipal issues, maintenance of infrastructure systems, landscaping and environmental grooming, and serves as the enforcement branch of the financial division in the company.
3. Community and Sports Division - responsible for community relations, including education, welfare, youth, management of the Caesarea golf club, Caesarea Country Club, culture and recreational center including responsibility for informal education.

1. The Financial Department (handles all aspects of budgetary planning and budget control for the Corporation and establishes a uniform financial policy while also sketching institutionalized and methodological operating procedures while coordinating between the various divisions and organizations.
2. The Marketing Department - responsible for the company's marketing activity including advertisements, public relations and the company's service and sales center management
3. Caesarea Harbor Department - management and current operations of the Caesarea Port site.

The Caesarea Development Corporation employs 80, who work in planning, engineering, marketing and financial departments, in the Industrial and Business Park administration, in Caesarea center, in the sports center, the golf club and the Caesarea Port tourist facility.

Caesarea. There's nothing quite like it - a tour of the streets of the town - worth a thousand words!