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The Caesarea Experience - The Film on All Periods of Time

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A fascinating and moving movie experience that will take you on a magical journey through Caesarea's history during which you will be introduced to the various civilizations that controlled the city: from Herod's time to the Roman Period; from the Byzantine Era, the Arabs, the Crusaders to the first days of Zionism in the country as embodied by Baron Rothschild.

The film is your entry to the visit at the Caesarea Port and to experiences from a different time.

Caesarea Stars - Meeting with History's Heroes

Following the Caesarea Experience, you are invited to a face-to-face meeting with key figures who shaped Caesarea's history. The interactive venture uses cutting-edge technology and three-dimensional figures to create a spectacularly unique experience. King Herod, Rabbi Akiva, Paul, Saladin, Hannah Senesh and Baron Rothschild are only a few of the stars you can meet and ask questions.

The Time Tower - Ancient Cultures Reawakening

"The Time Tower" overlooks Caesarea's magical vistas, allowing guests to observe these views over history through computerized animation on a giant screen. Visitors can learn about Herod's constructions - the giant, protected port that served as the city's economic and cultural basis, and the monuments that typified a major Roman city.

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