Caesarea was once one of the most important and beautiful cities in Israel. Today, it is a tourist gem of international standing, a charming place that features a rare blend of quality of life, heritage, antiquities, romantic beach, business park, international golf club, lively community activities and exclusive harbor.

Caesarea Harbor
984987Situated at the heart of the National Park, Caesarea Harbor is one of the most beautiful and impressive tourist sites in Israel. The restoration, construction and development work on the site was carried out by the State of Israel and the Caesarea Development Corporation. In addition to a crusader castle, Byzantine road/street, Roman hippodrome, colorful mosaics, ancient breakwater and spectacular theater, you can enjoy light and sound shows, art galleries, restaurants and coffee shops, all of which have made the ancient harbor into an international site combining culture, entertainment and leisure activities.

Golf Club
96874987The exclusive Caesarea Golf Club, founded by the Rothschild family in 1961, is located within walking distance of the National Park. Over the years, the club has hosted many heads of state, presidents and sportsmen from all over the world. In 2007, the Caesarea Development Corporation decided to rebuild the club, revamping and modernizing it to the highest international standards. Pete Dye, one of the leading golf course architects in the world, was chosen for the task, and he designed a modern, international-class, 18-hole course that attracts golfers from all over the world.


Community and Residents
99789463Caesarea boasts a vibrant community that is actively involved in planning the town’s cultural and community programs. The town’s population, comprising some 1700 families and 1500 children, enjoys a unique combination of benefits: green open spaces, a high level of community services, an educational system that includes kindergartens and schools fitted out with advanced educational and enrichment tools, a synagogue, sports center and community center offering a wide range of exciting activities for all ages. The community center is the social hub of the town, serving as a meeting-place where adults, teenagers and children alike can take part in study, enrichment and entertainment programs.

Industrial and Business Park
The Caesarea Business Park is one of the largest and most advanced business parks in Israel, encompassing an area of approximately 3.5 square kilometers. Environmental considerations play a dominant role in the park, which meets international design, development and construction standards and fosters growing hi-tech industries that are friendly to the environment.
The park is managed by the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Development Corporation, which, as owner of the land and entrepreneur, manages all of the services provided for the companies based there. The corporation is also involved in upgrading land in Caesarea and in the administration and development of the town and local tourism. The park is a unique complex that serves as an ideal strategic base for the success of some 180 companies, leaders of the Israeli economy in the fields of hi-tech, biotechnology, medical equipment and water technology, as well as traditional industries.
The park is situated close to the main transport routes to Haifa and Tel Aviv, and a railway station that services the park’s workers and local residents is located inside the park.

Caesarea Assets
The Caesarea Assets Corporation was founded in 2001 to construct, rent and manage profit-yielding assets in the Caesarea Industrial and Business Park. More than 80,000 square meters of property owned by the corporation have been successfully constructed. The corporation is in the process of developing additional areas, to include logistic and hi-tech centers.

The corporation:

  • plans and constructs premises for rent
  • constructs “tailor- made” premises for hi-tech, industry and commerce
  • builds “tailor-made” logistics centers for storage, designed to meet customer requirements
  • rents the building to end-users, which includes marketing, advertising, identifying users, negotiations, adapting the building and plans to specific customer needs, and renting the whole, or part, of the premises
  • manages and maintains the premises
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