To Create the Finest Place where People Love to Be

The Caesarea Development Co. is fulfilling the vision of the Rothschild Family to improve and enrichment the Rothschild-Caesarea Foundation lands through quality ventures and development, by provision of effective service to its customers and by striving to increase the profits to the Rothschild-Caesarea Foundation that supports the community in Israel through donations to education and higher education.

Company Goals
Improvement of Rothschild-Caesarea Foundation property, development and marketing of Foundation land, development of the business park and its transformation into a major employment center in the region, as well as development of the old city and its transformation into a tourist and commercial site. In addition, as a company that manages the town, the Caesarea Development Co. provides various community services to the approximately 4500 residents of the town, 1000 of whom are preschoolers and elementary school pupils.
The services include the establishment of an elementary school with Foundation funds, preschools, operation of the community center that provides services to all age groups, the establishment of a youth center and senior citizens club, security services in Caesarea and in the business park, etc.